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Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Cheongsam vs Green Cheongsam

Please excuse me if this entry is really annoying you.
It might be boring you...but not to some of us.

I'm writing a little bit about Cheongsam again.
He he he!

Haizz, Chinese New Year is comin soon afterall
...and another special occasion is also awaiting for our Cheongsam.

Therefore, here I am with my again and again Cheongsam story.

For this year Chinese New Year, my husband told me to buy a Red Cheongsam. Although I plan to buy other colour such as Blue Cheongsam, he insisted me to go with Red. Red color in Chinese culture means good luck, happiness and joy. The Red color is also regarded an energy as red symbolized the Fire element in Chinese metaphysics.

I told my husband, with such reason I would like to look for Red Cheongsam mix with golden or yellow colour.
Well, this is simply because these colors symbolizes wealth and also happiness.
And in addition, I would love if my Cheongsam has the Red Phoenix!! Something like below photo

I am so loving with this.

Phoenix bird is also known as the King of Birds. It is embodied the five virtues of righteousness, benevolence, wisdom, propriety and sincerity. Although Phoenix is a mythical bird but it reflect the beauty, good luck and southern direction in China.

Somehow, I'm also kind of interested to have a Green Cheongsam. Pulakk!  Inspired with The Snake Year, I thought it is cute to have a least one Green Cheongsam which I never plan to purchase. Green in Chinese culture is often associated with calming, balancing, healing, relaxing and tranquil. Green is the most restful color on the eye.

What do you think? The elegant Red or the pretty Green.

Currently, I found one shop is selling Red Phoenix Cheongsam. The price is affordable but they don't have my desire size i.e. S size. Dilemma...
The Green Cheongsam can be found in Wisma Merdeka shopping mall with variety of size but expensive!!

From now on, I only can dream about this Cheongsam. It is so true that it's really difficult to find Cheongsam in Kota Kinabalu. I'm still thinking where to shop!

Till next post...yawning.


  1. Colors are powerful. I have no doubts that every color has its own energy. Recently I found out that my synesthesia paintings emanate energy. Because of synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and words. Since years I paint what I see, I paint names and inspirational words. Recently people were telling me that they feel an energy flow coming from my paintings. They even recognize themselves in the paintings. This is so fascinating.

    1. Wow, you are one amzaing people. I'm looking forward to visit your blog regularly. :)

      Thanks for dropping by here.

  2. I need to buy one for the gathering hehe... i prefer long cheongsam cos mau kasi tapuk pilat yg masi fresh di kaki huhu...

    1. pakai pantyhose ja ba mandak.. hihihi

    2. red goldish lawa sis.. green kureng la.. ;p

    3. Macam c Just cakap, pakai saja panty hose. hehe!

  3. p i got 2 cheongsams..which i never wear even once..i dont even know why do i buy that...sungguh napsu..

    1. Aikk nahhh...sayangnya tu sis. Pakai la satu kali bah hehe!

  4. Go for green, moi! Sangat bersesuaian dengan tahunnya ^^

  5. go green go green tak kan mau merah ja kan.. lagi pun banyak hari juga tu CNY jadi... hijau hari permata..merah hari kedua pandai2 buat suggestion..

    1. LOL. Sa kira 2nd day yang hijau ekeke!


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