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Friday, April 19, 2013

Pindik Suda

I keep telling my bestfriend, Wendy John about my intend to do tomboy haircut. She, as always, just support whatever I think can makes me happy!

So after my examination completed, on the 12th April 2013, I made my history! Cewahhh...

I told the my hairdresser to cut my hair something like this and the funny thing was she asked me if I ever regretted with my decision.
Well, the answer is NO!

Charlize Theron 
Image credit to wallpapergate.

I'm very happy with the result. I feel much comfortable and 'lighter' with my new hair style. Short.

When I went to office on Monday, my colleagues were speechless. Haha!
And of my buddt said 'You are now Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway'

Image credit to theflashpack

However, it was one of my superior who started calling me 'Demi Moore'
Odoiii Doogoooo!
Image credit to popularhairstylee
Demi Moore in Ghost (1990)

Since then all my colleagues calling me with that name. Yaiii
I know they just teasing me but I don't mind.
Afterall, I am a famous gorgeous women!


Till next post!
p/s I don't share my latest photo here but I will post my photos and short stories about my short vacation via my instagram. Sis Just, capatt ko with Android hp hehe.


  1. lbh krg sdh rambut kita ni sis... heheheh... yayyy, ko bikin sia jiwa-kacau owh! hahahahahah...

  2. sekali sekala tukar style bah kan..:)

  3. I've resumed my blog-hopping after a mth long absence. Certainly refreshing to be greeted by this lovely post! Can't wait to see your short hair :)


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