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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Almost 5 months I left Sabah.

It was never in my mind that a worst earthquake will happen in our beloved Sabah.

I was 16 years old when 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred at late afternoon in 1991. Although it was considered as moderate tremors but most of residents of Tanjung, Aru were in horror. My family and I were among the residents. Honestly, I don't remember what had happened aftershocks at the time but Sabahan were truly traumatized with the situation. It was then forgotten.

A moderate 5.5 magnitude earthquake  rocked Sabah again after 24 years at 7.15am on 15 June 2015. It was confirmed as the strongest earthquake to hit Sabah. Yes, all Sabahan from all over the world were deeply shocked. This was truly unbelievable.

Thanks to the advanced ICT, I got updates of the tremors from my family and friends via Facebook. I was not sure to believe it or not but a called from my Dad made me realised it happened. I was on the train to work when Dad called. The sound of the moving train made him asking me if I am ok. I replied him KL is doing fine and I am okay. He was relieved indeed.

I immediately called my Mom to get more story about the tremors. Mom said it was fast and they were confused. However, they were thankful to be alive.

Sadly, situation in Mount Kinabalu, Ranau was beyond expectations. Fate of numbers of climbers and guides above the mount at that time were unknown. It was reported rocks were moving and landslides at the foothills. We prayed hard. Hoping all of them were safe.

God's plan.

The number of 18 deaths, Sabahan were truly devastated. Among the victims were school children from Singapore and our local guides known as Malim Gunung. I broke into tears with the breaking news. My heart goes to the family. I cannot imagine the feeling for losing your loved one because of unexpected earthquake at prominent Mount Kinabalu. The parents supposedly waiting their joyful children to be home after conquering Mount Kinabalu instead they received heartbreaking news that their children died in earthquake. How distressing.

Almost everyday I received an update of fresh tremors. I think the total of tremors are more than 60 times now. Last week, Ranau were flooded with mud along with heavy rains since Saturday. It was reported the water levels at two rivers, Sungai Masilau Kundasang and Sungai Liwagu were high and filled with timber debris that were washed off from landslides. The debris were most likely the effects of the earthquake that were stuck upstream. The bad condition forcing over 100 local villagers nearby the river to the evacuate their homes. The impact of this, Ranau is running out with water supplies. Imagine how suffer they are now.

Traumatized with the current situation, Sabahan feels slightly insecure. We are uncertain what will be coming next. We, however, united we stand, pray to God that this will end anytime soon.

Dear God, heal our Sabah. Protect our people. Our family. Our friends. Our Land.


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  1. God bless Sabah Amen.
    Tidak pandai habis2 ni tremors kan sis


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