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Monday, July 20, 2015


One of my primary school classmate always told me how he fascinating Malacca desserts especially the Baba Nyonya's. He himself is actually born as Portuguese mix Kadazan. He used to live in Malacca for a few years before his family finally back for good to Sabah.

I met him again via Facebook after 18 years. Currently, he's staying at Kalamazoo, Michigan. Married to Kadazan from Penampang, my friend is now holding a permanent resident in USA.

Back to dessert, Malacca is very famous with its Baba Nyonya desserts. Honestly, I am too falling in love with their 'manisan'.

There are many places in Malacca where you can find Baba Nyonya desserts (known as Peranakan cuisine) but for those who are not familiar with the historical city, I suggest you to pay visit to Jonker Street.

Jonker Street, became one of my favorite place to hang out with my boys. Last night, I went the glorious street with my husband to meet a few of my friends from KL. Guess where we went for 'lepaking?'

QQ Ice 86!! 
Look at the crowd. This is self service cafe so I had to look for the seat while hubby made the order.

Yummy! I had the Traditional Cendol and as for hubby, 8 Treasures Ice. (Pat Pau Ping - in Chinese which means 8 Treasure Ice or ABC) 
The price range is about RM4 to RM5 prr bowl. The taste is fantastic.
The Peranakan desserts is popular because they used traditional ingredients such as gula Melaka and Coconut milk. I still need details from my hubby about 8 Treasure ABC. As far as I know, one of ingredients for this dessert is sea coconut. Well, I was busy eating so I don't really mind my hubby dessert. Haha!

As I mentioned earlier, if you are not regular to Malacca city and you just want to get taste of Baba Nyonya desserts, go to Jonker Street. Hehe.

I am eyeing another desserts house in Jonker Street but I need to find other day to do so. I saw them serve the Nato Dame ABC/Cendol. Wonder how is the taste will be? Hmm...

So, are you having Cendol or ABC now?

Bye for now.


  1. How I missed the historical city / or Kota Merah as it called. I never really try their Cendol there..some says,if you want to try the best Cendol I shd come to Malacca. Maybe I shd ... I used to visit Malacca frequently long time ago,but never really try the Cendol only the peranakan cuisine..which is superb....

    anyway, wish u a good weekend!

  2. Dear Miss Carly Sunshine,
    I hope one day you will reach Malacca and enjoy the variety of delicious dessert available here.

    P/s thanks for visiting my blog and sorry for the late reply. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ✌


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