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Friday, January 1, 2016

Live, Love and Light

Happy New Year 2016!

When we bids Goodbye to 2015, I thanked fully for the great year I had.

Since I moved to West Malaysia, I found lots of great opportunity for me to go forward. Surrounding with positive vibe makes me more confident.

My husband and our boys are my great strength. We had unpleasant experienced when we were still in Sabah but when they says Karma goes around...well, it does. We're happy with our simple living here. Honestly, we had twice false alarm when I thought I was pregnant for the fourth time. My youngest boy was excited! Haha..
Hmm, who knows this year another miracle will happen.

This is my first post for the year 2016. I wanted to write more after this. My die hard fan i.e. my husband of course, just love to sneaking my blog haha (I caught him one time).

Weekend in Melaka. Weekday in Kuala Lumpur. Life is hectic but believe me, I'm enjoying it. Regardless the differences, my colleagues are friendly and very kind. My big bos called my Miss Sabah because he found me unique and easy to cooperate when working together. Hehe..

It's was raining in Melaka when I woke up this morning. Currently, it is drizzling. Heard in KK is scorching. Whatever condition is, let's be grateful to God. Live, Love and Light.

See you soon and thanks for reading.

One of my greatest day in year 2015.

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