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Monday, September 12, 2016

Edmund Dantes

For years, I have been looking for a very special friend. We known each other for years and communicate alot especially about business and family.
Suddenly the conversations stop itself. Without any reasons, we lost contact. Sometimes, I wish I could communicate again with this dear friend.
Time flies. I am now moved to KL. I become the new me. Leaving the past, forgetting the haters and burnt the anger etc.
However, this very dear friend still on my mind.
How are you doing, Edmund Dantes?
Haha, the nickname is very unique. Name after the movie of The Count of Monte Cristo.
I noticed this friend made some visit to my blog. But too bad I only open my blog once in two or three months. However, this is giving me a hope that I may communicate with this friend again.
So here I am writing again, hoping I can says Hello my dear friend, it's been a long time..?
Till then.

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