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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pixajoy via 11street

My first impression when receiving my first order from Pixajoy was 'WOW'. I did not expect the quality of the photo book is so great. Fantastic! I was truly overjoy! Happy. Too happy indeed.

Thank you to Pixajoy for providing the online method for making project. I don't have to download the application although it is convenience for me to do my project when I'm offline. Back to my project, once I completed it, I placed my order on January 11, 2016. Soon, I received notification stated that my order will be shipment estimated on January 18, 2016. 

To my surprise, again, I received notification via email to inform that my order has been couriered on January 14, 2016 and it reached me a day after that. Yes, my own Photo Book is finally with me on January 15, 2016. That was very fast, kan. Fast and less Furious..haha!

Above image - My order details. You can see the estimated ship date is on January 18, 2016.

This the Front (left) and Back (right) cover of my Photo Book. Quality printed and laminating. I am very satisfied!

Apart of fast service, Pixajoy provides you a very high quality photo prints. Above images; those photos in my photo book was actually taken using my Asus Zen 5 mobile phone. You can mistakenly thought I used my DSLR camera. The layout and background are available in Pixajoy online method project but you can also add graphic with your choice. Design whatever you like it. I had fun designing my photo book project.

The photo print by Pixajoy is amazing. I just love it!

I would suggest you to experience the Pixajoy service. You won't be disappointed!

Meanwhile, thank you 11street  for the deal. I purchased the e-voucher from 11street for this photo book with the price of RM4.90. Original price was RM75. Book size is 5.7" x 4.2" Potrait. It's worth! 

Honestly, I'm not a regular online shopper but with 11street, I'm totally feel happy and safe with the online shopping. So far, I made 2 more purchased from 11street. Haha...

Thus, I will continue my support to Pixajoy and 11street

Readers, if you have an experience with these 2 online services/shopping, please do share with me. I'm happy to know.

Until then...oh, happy shopping!

P/s This is the feedback I received from the selle

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Popular Book Fair

Our kids will be back to school on Monday. My youngest son just can't wait to start the school session because he said he was so boring during the entire school holiday. Haha!

Parents, have you ready everything for your children?

Last night, I brought my husband and children to visit the Popular Book Fair in MITC. If you're a Popular members, you should never miss the offer they have during this event. You can get as lower as 50% discount for most of the items such as stationery, computer device, cds/vcds etc.

So I did bought something for my kids since the offer is quite reasonable and it's within my budget. 

Anyway, my favorite 'corner' during the event is this one. Hehe

Books and Stationery I bought for my kids and I. Can you guess which one is mine?

For Malaccan, you only one more day left to visit the Popular Book Fair. Don't miss the great opportunity.

Okay, time to off. See you and thanks for reading.